The Work Report

The Work Report features comedian Matt Wright interviewing a different creator about their routines, backgrounds, and how they get everything done. New episodes each Monday. 

Episode 11 - Adam Christie

Adam Christie (This Hour Has 22 Minutes writer/warm-up) stops by The Work Report to talk about doing warm-up for 22, working on YTV, and video games. He also tells my favorite story in the world.  

Episode 10 - Dan Mangan

Dan Mangan stops by the 10th episode of The Work Report to discuss playing with an orchestra, the importance of acknowledging the bad, and his thirties. He also eats a banana. 

Apologies (to you and Dan) about the sound on this one - you can hear everything but the quality isn't up to par with the other episodes. Technical glitch. Did my best to fix it. 

Episode 9 - Bob Kerr

Bob Kerr (This Hour Has 22 Minutes, Just For Laughs, The Sketchersons) joins Episode 9 of the Work Report to talk writing, anxiety, and drops a baby turtle analogy that will blow your mind. Check it out!

Episode 8 - Jeremy Charles

World famous chef/restauranteur Jeremy Charles (Raymond's, The Merchant's Tavern) joins Episode 8 to discuss how he juggles two restaurants, working at Wal-Mart, and breaking phones. He also shares his cod recipe. 

Episode 7 - Derek Seguin

Happy 2016!! Comedian/actor Derek Seguin (Just For Laughs, HBO, The Debaters) joins Episode 7 of The Work Report. Derek talks about naps, working in advertising, divorce, and family. Check it out!

Episode 6 - Patrick Haye

Comedian/actor/writer Patrick Haye (Halifax Comedy Fest, Great Canadian Laugh Off, Spun Out) joins the sixth episode to talk about writing at the food court, modelling, and how he gets so relaxed. 

Episode 5 - Phil Maloney

Hey Rosetta! drummer, filmmaker, and ping pong extraordinaire drops by The Work Report to talk about focus, coffee, and attempts to interview Matt. 

Episode 4 - Tim Baker

Hey Rosetta! lead singer Tim Baker drops into episode 4 of The Work Report to talk heckles, how he divides his day, and his "three jobs". 

Episode 3 - Steve Dangle

Vlogger/writer/gentleman Steve Dangle (Sportsnet, The Steve Dangle Podcast, Vancouver Olympics) joins the third episode of The Work Report. Steve details his rise from YouTube to Sportsnet, stand up comedy, and crazy people on the internet. 

Episode 2 - Susan Kent

Actor/comedian/writer Susan Kent (This Hour Has 22 Minutes, Relative Happiness, Hatching Matching and Dispatching) joins the second episode of The Work Report. Susan talks about playing Justin Trudeau, how she got on 22 Minutes, and didgeridoos. 


Episode 1 - Trent McClellan

Matt Wright and Trent Maclellan discuss the making of Trent's comedy special "Positive Vibes", how he started in comedy, and the hopelessness of performing in "sock feet".