Wright On Podcast

Comedian Matt Wright talks to creators, friends, and human beings to figure out what people actually are doing all day.

Episode 32 - Leah Johnston

Director/photographer Leah Johnston stops by The Work Report to talk about being a workaholic, lists, and "serious fun". Originally recorded in February 2017). 

Episode 31 - James Mirtle

Sportswriter James Mirtle (editor of The Athletic Toronto, The Leaf Report Podcast, Globe and Mail) comes by and talks about running a start-up, the changing state of journalism, and how Auston Matthews is the best. 

Episode 30 - Jonathan Torrens

On episode 30 of The Work Report, TV's Jonathan Torrens (Taggart and Torrens Podcast, Trailer Park Boys, Mr. D) comes by to discuss the importance of balance, RVing, and "smoking as yoga". 

Episode 29 - Kat Mclevey

Originally recorded in August 2016, Matt sits down with musician Kat Mclevey to talk about how a brain injury shaped who she is today, hobbies, and more. Check it!

Episode 28 - Tom Power

Originally recorded in July 2016, Matt sits down with Tom Power (q, CBC Radio 2, The Dardanelles) to talk about broadcasting, messy desks, and anxiety. They also share a love/hate relationship with chewing things. 

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